D.O.B./synt: 22.1.2017

POMBE litter - POMBE-pentue

sire/isä: FiCh Ingefal's Kuoyamuli "ESKO"

dam/emä: Kwamoyo Nyota Crusis Moyo "MIMOSA"

5 male + 4 female 5 urosta ja 4 narttua


*Kwamoyo Pombe Commando "THIMBA", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Laborie "REMU", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Klipdrift "RUDI", kink tail

*Kwamoyo Pombe Boplaas "POLE", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Richelieu "SISU", one-crowned


*Kwamoyo Pombe Imoya Moyo "ZOLA", correct co-owned bitch

*Kwamoyo Pombe Tokara "NANA", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Kingna "VILMA", overbite, extra crown

*Kwamoyo Pombe Bezalel "OLGA", kink tail

The litter is free from JME by parentage. Both sire Esko and dam Mimosa are tested CLEAR.