D.O.B./synt: 22.1.2017

POMBE litter - POMBE-pentue

sire/isä: FiCh Ingefal's Kuoyamuli "ESKO"

dam/emä: Kwamoyo Nyota Crusis Moyo "MIMOSA"

5 male + 4 female
5 urosta ja 4 narttua


*Kwamoyo Pombe Commando "THIMBA", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Laborie "REMU", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Klipdrift "RUDI", kink tail

*Kwamoyo Pombe Boplaas "POLE", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Richelieu "SISU", one-crowned


*Kwamoyo Pombe Imoya Moyo "ZOLA", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Tokara "NANA", correct

*Kwamoyo Pombe Kingna "VILMA", overbite, extra crown

*Kwamoyo Pombe Bezalel "OLGA", kink tail

The litter is free from JME by parentage. Both sire Esko and dam Mimosa are tested CLEAR.

Litter name 'Pombe' means liquor and puppies are named after South African brandies.

Pentuenimi 'Pombe' tarkoittaa alkoholia, ja pennut on nimetty eteläafrikkalaisten brandyjen mukaan.

Pombe's in hobbies/Pombet harrastavat:

Kwamoyo Pombe Commando "Thimba" competing in shows and Rally obedience:


Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: VA0 (normal), SP0 (clear), LTV0 (normal)