Ododo – The Flower litter

C.I.B. NordUCh SEVCh
Mohaget's Meus Milo "ROSS" x Kwamoyo Moyo Moyo "MANNA"

D.O.B: November 8th 2015

5 male + 5 female

The whole litter is free from JME by parentage. Both sire Ross and dam Manna are tested CLEAR.

Synt. 8.11.2015

5 urosta ja 5 narttua

'Ododo' is a swahili word for flower. Puppies were named after flowers.

'Ododo' tarkoittaa kukkaa, joten pennut saivat nimikseen kukkia.

Mom Manna with Solo and Mirha.


Kwamoyo Ododo Solidago "Solo"


Kwamoyo Ododo Eremurus "Ross jr."(correct)

Kwamoyo Ododo Anthurium "Mino"


Kwamoyo Ododo Agapanthus "Sewe" (correct)

Kwamoyo Ododo Gladiolus "Badi"

(DS; operated, kink tail)


Kwamoyo Ododo Rosa Moyo "Mirha" (correct, stayed home)

Kwamoyo Ododo Monarda "Alma"


Kwamoyo Ododo Syringa "Chida"


Kwamoyo Ododo Strelizia "Mila"

(DS; operated, kink tail)

Kwamoyo Ododo Gloriosa "Böna"

(DS; operated, 3-crowned)

Ododo puppies in hobbies: Ododo-pennut harrastavat:

Kwamoyo Ododo Solidago "SOLO" competing in shows

Finnish Champion/Suomen muotovalio

Hips/lonkat: B/B
Elbows/kyynärät: 0/0
Back/selkä: LTV0 (normal), SP0 (clear)
Height/korkeus: 71 cm
Weight/paino: 49 kg

Kwamoyo Ododo Eremurus "ROSS Jr." competing in shows and Rally obedience:

Finnish Champion/Suomen muotovalio
Estonian Champion/Viron muotovalio
Latvian Champion/Latvian muotovalio

Hips/lonkat: A/A
Elbows/kyynärät: 0/0


Ridgeback Club of Finland's Challenge Cup winner in Rally obedience/
Suomen Ridgeback -yhdeistys ry:n kiertopalkinto:
"Rally Cup 2019"

Kwamoyo Ododo Rosa Moyo "MIRHA" competing in shows

*Finnish CAC x 2 / *SERT x 2

*Est junCAC x 2 / *Viron junSERT x 2
*BOS x 1 / *VSP x 1
*BB placements / *PN-sijoittumisia

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 0/0
Back: VA0 (normal), SP0 (clear), LTV4 (8 lumbar vertebras)

Kwamoyo Ododo Agapanthus "SEWE"

has attended in one official show and we hope there will come some more.

* VG / *EH

Ododo litter

New born puppies in a pile.

Poster by Emmelie Johansson

Sire/Isä: C.I.B. NordUCh SEVCh Mohaget's Meus Milo "ROSS"
D.O.B/Synt: 26.12.2010
Height/Korkeus: 69 cm
Weight/Paino: 46 Kg
HD/Lonkat: A/A
AD/Kyynärät: 0/0
Teeth/Purenta: Full scissor bite/Täysi leikkaava purenta
Thyroid: Normal
Dilute: D/D
EOAD: High confidence CLEAR
Breeder-owner/Kasvattajaomistaja: Johanna Segerlund, kennel Mohaget's, Sweden

Dam/Emä: Kwamoyo Moyo Moyo "MANNA"
D.O.B/Synt: 1.7.2011
Height/Korkeus: 65 cm
Weight/Paino: 36 Kg
HD/Lonkat: A/A
AD/Kyynärät: 0/0

MEP: clear (non-carrier)

Teeth/Purenta: scissor bite, P3 missing/ leikkaava purenta, P3-hammas puuttuu

Breeder-owner/Kasvattaja-omistaja: Jonna M.A. Halli-Salminen, kennel Kwamoyo